Digital myth “The Master of a Mental Mountain”

When we were told that God had died, we’ve stopped believing in myths. Myths have receded before Reality. But the Reality has limits.  To overcome the laws of Reality, we came up with a virtual simulation. Any simulation lives according to the laws of Myth: it is created by the collective human imagination and contains an image of the universe. It’s time for the Myths revival.

The Future Digital Myths are immersive interactive worlds. Where everyone can choose a role or incarnation, have fantastic abilities and create unimaginable things.

Digital myth “The Master of a Mental Mountain” is the first world`s interactive VR experience with macro stereo panoramic video driven by your mind. The Project where you feel the future today.

For this project, we came up with the world’s first solution for shooting macro stereo 360 video. Now, the viewer can see the world from the point of lizard`s view.

We created a unique mobile application where connected the neuro interface and virtual reality. The User has to put VR headset on, relax and starts his own alpha rhythm. Alpha rhythm – occurs in a state of relaxation or meditation and is associated with the activity of the right hemisphere and the unconscious part of the psyche. You`ll ask – How to do it? There are many ways, but everyone has to find his own.

The journey begins in a faceless digital world. You need to turn the digital world into a real one with your own brain activity. After that, you will find yourself in a beautiful forest where you will shrink to the size of a beetle, as in Carroll`s “Alice in Wonderland“. Your aim is to activate your alpha rhythm to attract the Lizard – the guardian of the forest. She will take you to her mysterious cave where you will create your own “Mental Gem” where the shape and color are formed by your mental activity.  

After that, you will be taken to the treasury where “Mental Gems” are stored – yours and previous users.

Immerse the first digital myth, explore your inner resources and look at the world from a different angle.

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