The Jaguar VR test drive presentation.

The TV story about our presentation of Jaguar VR test drive.

Modern technologies touched a new stylish and daring crossover from the well-known automobile brand. The main event of the Urals is the presentation of the virtual test drive Jaguar F Pace.
Feel the power and all the possibilities of the car. All you need is virtual reality glasses. A few seconds and you fall on an unusual test drive, and all the actions behind the wheel of the car are the same – starting the engine, shifting gears, gas and brake, turning the steering wheel, the necessary components, just go through the virtual space – the racing track.

Testing from such a miracle is simply ecstatic.

– I first time faced this – with virtual reality, it’s 100% reality. I was a little scared, having appeared on ice, but sensations the most unbelievable. – said the editor-in-chief Happy Magazine Elina Koroleva.

– I want to control this car, I want to curb it, and therefore such a story as virtual reality, it at least spurs you to come and pass a real test drive.- said the guest Alexey Sokolov.

– This is an alternative, and maybe an addition to a real test drive. We now have a crazy driving style of life and when there is no time to take a car for a test drive, you can come to the showroom, put on virtual reality glasses and feel yourself insisted on driving a car. – said the CEO U360 VR Film Lab Ilya Leonov

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