VR Experience “Workshop for psychological discharge”

The Tele2 company became a partner of The 4th Ural industrial Biennale of contemporary art and launched a campaign “Art by different rules” to help visitors understand contemporary art. The exhibition includes the main place in the Yekaterinburg city, and art – residencies in other cities in Sverdlovsk region. U360 and Tele 2 were given the opportunity to visit one of the most colorful and interesting art – residence “ workshop for psychological discharge”, located on the territory of the former Demidov plant in Nizhny Tagil. Using the VR experience we have immersed the viewer into the exhibition space and helped to feel the atmosphere of this place, to get new emotional experience. The audience was able to fly over the plant, to hear the “music of wind” from factory chimneys with spatial sound, to immerse a meditative state in the world’s first cinema for the fish, to comprehend industrial Zen.

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